Technology has made sleep therapy more comfortable than ever before. Oneida Health Support now offers its patients DreamStation CPAP machines and DreamWear masks. They are the newest models from Philips Respironics.

“We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our patients about how comfortable the DreamWear is,” says Tim Curtis, RRT.

There are no hard plastic parts to the mask. The tubing along the sides is made of a flexible silicone so it’s soft and comfortable along the patient’s cheeks. If you sleep on your side, the air will flow through the other side, providing a non-interrupted airflow.

“This mask is so much softer,” said Diane Scatena, a sleep therapy patient.

The nasal mask sits under your nose – not in or over it – so it’s more comfortable. You’re able to see well, so you can wear it while watching TV or reading with your glasses on.

Another unique feature is the tubing comes out of the top of the headpiece, and swivels, instead of being fixed in front of the mask. This allows you to roll over in bed without getting caught up in tubes.

“I had that issue; I would get tangled up,” said Diane. “I like to roll around a lot at night time. I would always tangle myself up in the hose. That doesn’t happen with the DreamWear. It’s just awesome. I love it.”

The DreamStation is the CPAP machine that sits next to your bed. It has an easy to view front-facing display screen which can be seen from bed. It’s small and lightweight with a sleek, contemporary design that doesn’t look clinical.

“It’s extremely quiet which our patients appreciate,” Curtis said. “You can barely hear it so it’s not disruptive to your sleeping partner.”

New technology allows you to use Bluetooth technology to track how you slept on your phone. The physician’s prescription is set up on the DreamStation system before the patient receives it. As soon as the patient plugs it in, the information is there and the unit will activate the prescribed settings (pressure). Data related to the patient’s previous night’s sleep is updated every 24 hours through a modem. Insurance companies periodically contact Franciscan for this information to measure the patient’s compliance.

For more information about DreamWear and DreamStation, contact Franciscan Health Support at (315) 458-3200, Oneida Health Support at (315) 280-6699 or Mountain Lakes Health SUpport at (315) 519-6712..