Home is where we want to stay, and with quality support and planning it is possible for seniors to enjoy the comfort and independence of their own home. Home care organizations like Embracing Age in DeWitt are committed to ensuring that the twilight years are spent at home in a safe, healthy environment for as long as possible. Embracing Age is affiliated with St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center and Franciscan Companies.

It is all too often caregivers and seniors alike wait until after as a fall or health emergency to secure services that allow for safe independent living and in some cases reduce the opportunity for crisis. “If we can get involved earlier we can help caregivers and seniors avoid crisis and enhance quality of life,” says Susan Clancy-Magley, executive director of Embracing Age. “Early involvement allows seniors to enjoy the maximum amount of independence for the greatest amount of time.” In addition, service users enjoy less stressful lives and often the need for long term care facilities such as a nursing homes, can be postponed or prevented translating to cost savings.

Clancy-Magley notes that seniors are not the only people benefiting from early adoption of home care support services: “Managing the care of an aging loved one comes with decisions that can be overwhelming and stressful for those responsible. Home care providers like Embracing Age provide support, education and communication to caregivers, ensuring they feel secure and confident in the knowledge that their loved one is receiving the comfort, care, and the access to services they need to remain in their residence.” These factors combined with a significant increase in quality time together, directly enhance quality of life for everyone involved.

Embracing Age provides services ranging from basic companionship and light household assistance to arranging for case management and medical needs. “We often hear ‘I wish I did this sooner’ from our members as our custom care plans relieve stress and provide greater opportunity to enjoy life independently,” says Clancy-Magley. Through their Preferred Provider Network, Embracing Age members have access to experts in fields ranging from landscaping and home repair to legal and medical needs allowing members to confidently arrange for quality services at fair prices. This network includes an affiliate relationship with St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center and Franciscan Companies, providing access to high quality, streamlined medical care, from home health aides to professionals handling acute health concerns.

Taking advantage of all that home care services offer sooner rather than later allows everyone involved to embrace aging and be empowered to live a safe, healthy and happy life in their home for as long as possible. “We look to build long-lasting relationships with our members. By working collaboratively with the family, the member and our partners from the outset, we remove obstacles and limit stressors to provide seniors with everything they need to remain comfortable at home and in their daily activities,” said Clancy-Magley.

For more information about Embracing Age visit www.EmbracingAge.org or call (315) 877-3779