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More than 13 million seniors will fall this year, with over half not being able to get up on their own.  A fall can change your life.  Although you may not be at risk of falling right now, it’s important to do what you can to prevent them in the future.  This will protect your independence.

Some health problems increase the likelihood of a fall.  These include:


Unstable glucose levels can make you feel faint.  Diabetes can also be the cause of vision problems and reduce the feeling in your legs or feet.

Stroke/Arthritis/Parkinson’s Disease:

These conditions can affect your ability to move well and cause you to react slower to stumbles and loss of balance.


Depression or Dementia can make you less aware of your surroundings and less able to react quickly.

Poor Nutrition:

If you don’t eat well or drink enough, you may not have the strength to move safely or manage daily activities easily.


If you have incontinence, you may need to hurry to the bathroom which can make you more likely to fall.

Low Blood Pressure (Postural Hypotension):

Low blood pressure can make you feel dizzy, light-headed or unsteady when you stand up quickly.

Certain pieces of home medical equipment (also called durable medical equipment) can help you move more freely among and avoid falls.  Walkers, for example, provide a wider base of support to help you balance.  They keep you upright and make it easier for you to maintain your balance.  Power seat lift chairs are helpful because they lift and recline with the touch of a button.  Rather than struggling to sit down or stand up, you can use a power lift chair to raise or lower yourself gradually.  Franciscan Companies offers several varieties of canes and crutches, too.  The most common are the offset grip cane, quad cane, standard crutch, and forearm crutch.

Additional medical equipment includes wheelchairs, hospital beds, patient lifts and trapeze bars.  Wheelchairs are available to accommodate most peoples’ sizes and weights.  While the most common is the standard wheelchair, Franciscan also offers reclining, transport, narrow, wide, pediatric and heavy duty.  Accessories are also available to meet patients’ needs.  Franciscan Companies delivers hospital beds right to your door.  The most common is the semi-electric bed, as well as beds to accommodate almost any weight.  Franciscan also offers a variety of patient.

Shop Our Diabetes Products Today!    Shop Our Mobility Products Products Today!