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Embracing Age

Embracing Age offers personal support for better living. Through supportive guidance, an Elder Life Specialist will personally assist each client, or their representative, with decision-making and planning. Elder Life Specialists coordinate and oversee connections with trained experts, record progress and ensure excellence at every step – all designed to meet client's individualized needs. The Elder Life Specialist serves as a consultant, adviser, mediator, advocate, problem solver and coach. Call 1-855-MY-HELP-2 (1-855-694-3572) to speak with a representative of Embracing Age.

Embracing Age

Embracing Age

In-Home Assessment and Recommendations: A thorough assessment allows our Elder Life Specialist to understand your needs and customize your service plans. They will take the time to explain the results of the assessment and recommendations for services.

On-Going Support: An Elder Life Specialist will help meet your basic needs, from health to recreation, and connect you with services such as home health care, medical alert and emergency response, housekeeping, snow removal, pet care and more, while ensuring that you are treated with dignity and respect.

24 Hour Answer Line: Embracing Age Members and their representatives have telephone access (1-855-694-3572) to a representative of Embracing Age twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days per week.

Transportation & Housing: From trips to the grocery store or doctors offices to ensuring the best housing options, the Elder Life Specialists ensure that you can remain at home as long as possible.

Spiritual Care: The Spiritual Care Specialist enhances the spiritual well-being of Embracing Age members and brings peace and comfort through prayerful support. Interested members can meet with our Spiritual Care Specialist as often as needed.