Oxygen Therapy

  • Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

    Whether you use oxygen continuously or only at night, a stationary oxygen concentrator is safer and more effective than gaseous or liquid oxygen. While you are at home, this system will be your primary source for delivering oxygen. However, you can still enjoy the ability and freedom to leave your home with a supplemental portable oxygen system.

  • Portable Oxygen Systems

    With your ability to fill your own tanks, deliveries are a thing of the past. Franciscan's customers enjoy greater freedom for extended outings without the inconvenience of waiting for a tank delivery or managing their current remaining tanks. Depending on your prescribed liter flow, our smaller and lighter canisters allow greater portability and mobility.

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    Striving to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers, the portable oxygen concentrator provides pulse dose oxygen "on the go" without the need for a tank or refills. With a battery life of up to 8 hours, even the most active customer can enjoy a full day whether on the golf course or out shopping with family and friends. Our FAA approved concentrator makes air travel a breeze.

Nebulizer Therapy


Everyone from children to adults find our small, quiet nebulizers easy to use. Franciscan has several models available including portable units and traditional medication compressors. Our team can determine which model best suits your lifestyle.

Sleep Therapy

Sleep Therapy

Franciscan utilizes only Registered Respiratory Therapists to ensure patients receive the highest level of benefit and comfort from their sleep therapy. Our highly-trained team treats each patient as an individual in determining which of our masks best meets their needs. A proper fitting and comfortable mask is essential for a good night's sleep. If you are experiencing constant fatigue due to possible sleep apnea.

Ventilator Management

Ventilator Management

Franciscan's experienced RRTs to handle all ventilator issues of today. With our proven success with ventilator management, you no longer need to be bound to a hospital or rehabilitation center. Quality monthly management with RRTs is paramount to the overall success of keeping a patient on a ventilator in a home setting.