SYRACUSE – Franciscan Companies, a company that specializes in respiratory therapy, medical equipment and home care, is expanding services to include the patients and employees of Home Care of Cortland County. After operating for nearly 40 years, the Cortland-based agency has ceased operations due to the changing economics of the home care industry.

The licensed home care arm of Franciscan Companies, Franciscan Health Support, formed a partnership with the agency as a way to avoid a gap in home care services in the Cortland area.

“We are very comfortable transitioning our patients to Franciscan based on our mutual philosophy of taking excellent care of our patients,” said Michael Pizzola, President of the Home Care of Cortland County board of directors.

Franciscan hired most of Home Care’s aides and nurses, who will continue to provide service to nearly 200 patients. Many of the employees worked for the agency for 10 to 15 years, and it was important to the board of directors and Franciscan Companies’ leadership that these staff members are retained during the transition.

“A key element of the board’s decision to work with Franciscan was the establishment of a local office in Cortland, and a seamless transition of our employees to Franciscan. What a wonderful way for patients to continue to receive high quality services,” said Pizzola.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” said Megan Hollister, executive director of Franciscan Health Support’s Licensed Agency. “We were able to keep the same people in place – local people who know the community and the patients.”

As a company, we ensure that our employees are competent and prepared to provide exceptional services to our clients. 

Patients needing home care services can call (315) 458-5600 or toll-free 1-855-877-3477.