Medical Alert for Cellular Customers

People without a home telephone line now have an option to safeguard themselves in case of fall. Franciscan Lifeline is offering a Cellular medical alarm, monitored by Doyle Medical Monitoring. The service provides users with a button to wear that they can press if they need help. The customer is put in immediate contact with the response center which will dispatch nearby friends, family or emergency services if needed.

Linda Lewis from Jordan signed up for the service after she fell for a second time. “I slipped and fell under my dining room table,” she says. “A chair fell on top of me and I panicked! Then a bookcase fell, too. I was really scared. I yelled but no one heard me; I must have been under there a good two hours!”

Without a home phone line, Lewis’ options for a medical alert service were limited. Those she saw advertised nationally were priced out of her budget. Then, Franciscan added a cellular service. A technician from the company installed and explained the unit and Lewis has been wearing it ever since.

“I love it, I feel very happy to have it,” she says. “I think everyone should have it if they’re older. You never know if you’re going to fall. When I fell, I was only 63.”

More than 30% of homes had only a wireless phone as of the latter half of 2010, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Up until now, these people were at risk in case of medical emergencies such as falls because most medical alarm systems use landlines. Franciscan’s new cellular service alleviates the concern and connects customers to the help they need immediately. Call (315) 492-8175 for more information.