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Clean CPAP tubing, mask, headgear and connectors daily.

Clean CPAP humidifiers weekly.

  1. Unplug your CPAP machine from its power source to eliminate danger of electrical shock.
  2. Disconnect your mask from CPAP tubing.  If your mask has a headgear, detach it.  If there are other pieces that are easily reattached, these also can be separated.
  3. Remove CPAP tubing from any connectors, the humidifier, or from the CPAP machine itself, if it connects directly.
  4. Remove humidifier unit from CPAP machine (if you have one), and separate it into its pieces.
  5. Wet a soft cloth with warm water.
  6. Gently wipe down the external surface of the CPAP machine.
  7. Fill a small sink, tub, or bucket with warm water.  Add a small amount of gentle dish soap.
  8. Submerge the mask, headgear, tubing, and connectors in the warm soapy water.  Allow it to soak for approximately 30 minutes.  Alternatively, wipe out the mask with a soft cloth and warm water, and swish soapy water through the tubing. 
  9. Allow all the components to air dry on a towel.
  10. Clean the humidifier with hot water and mild soap.  Allow it to air dry.
  11. Maintain the CPAP filters according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Some can be rinsed but others must be replaced.
  12. Reassemble the various parts once they are dry.  Apply the headgear to your mask, hook the mask back onto the tubing and any connectors, and connect the tubing back to the humidifier or directly to the CPAP machine.
  13. Turn the machine on to listen for any air leaks that weren’t there previously.


  • Do not use solutions containing bleach, vinegar, alcohol, chlorine, moisturizers, antibacterial agents or scented oils to clean any part of the system or air tubing.  These solutions may cause damage and reduce the life of the product.
  • If you notice deterioration or wear on any component (cracking, tears, etc.), it should be replaced.


  • Your skin (hands especially) contain bacteria which can easily cause a staph infection.  It’s imperative that you wash your hands prior to handling your CPAP equipment.  CPAP wipes control those types of germs.
  • Your headgear may be washed without being taken apart.
  • The dye used in the headgear may run during the first wash.
  • Only use distilled water in the humidifier.
  • If your machine isn’t working right after cleaning, bring it to Franciscan Health Support to be evaluated.
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