Lifeline GoSafe user, Kathryn McNulty, had fallen twice in the past. Each time, her husband Frank was home and she was able to call to him for help. Although Frank was not able to lift her, he was able to contact emergency services to get her back on her feet. In 2013, her beloved Frank passed away and it dawned on Kathryn that if she were to fall again he would not be there to help her.

“Soon after my husband died I realized if I fell, there would be no one to call out to for help and this was a concern for me,” says Kathryn who lives independently. “Then I remembered Lifeline. I’d received information about it and I recalled seeing it in my church bulletin. It seemed that the service might be what I was looking for.” In addition to previous falls, Kathryn suffers from arthritis in her knees and has had knee replacement surgery, at times she has used a cane for extra stability as she enjoys being active dining out, walking and visiting friends and family.

“I called the number, and signing up was a very easy process,” says Kathryn. Once subscribed, Matthew, Kathryn’s Lifeline representative, came to her home to set up the equipment and provide training. “All of my questions were answered and Matthew keeps in touch making sure my service is quality and to let me know about new features.” GoSafe allows users the ability to be active and travel outside the home with confidence knowing that advanced wireless and GPS technologies make it possible to get help anytime, anyplace.

Above and beyond the freedom and confidence provided by GoSafe, Kathryn cannot say enough about customer service. “One day, I decided to move some furniture in my living room and a call came in – it was Lifeline calling to see if I was alright. Because I was hunched over pushing a cabinet the system notified a representative that I might be in distress. I think it is wonderful to know that there is a person ready to help me at any time and that they care enough to call!” Another example of great service occurred when Kathryn failed to make her annual call to Lifeline to let them know how she was doing. “I call each year on my birthday to check in with Lifeline and I had forgotten to call,” said Kathryn. “Lifeline then called my house. I missed the call as I was not at home - but they didn’t stop trying to reach me! The representative called my daughters to be sure I was safe. It is relieving to know that Lifeline truly cares about my well-being.”

Kathryn and her daughters appreciate the care and attention she receives from the company and enjoy the independence and security the service provides. “Lifeline allows me to live my life whether I am at my home, shopping in town or visiting my daughter in California. I can be confident that should I fall or find myself in need of assistance that my Lifeline family is ready to help.”

For more information about Lifeline Medical Alert Service call (315) 492-8175.