“I cried.”

That’s how Vicki Dupre describes her reaction to her mother’s new HomeSafe Wireless Alert System.

“I’m a nurse and I cried when the technician went into the bathroom and shut the door to test the unit,” she explains. “The person at the response center could hear him, even though I barely could. That blew me away.”

Vicki’s mother, Margaret, slid out of the bed one night and that prompted the family to take additional safety measures. Margaret is attached to her cell phone, but that wasn’t enough to make her children feel secure. So, they installed Franciscan Lifeline’s HomeSafe Wireless unit.

“It gives us such peace of mind,” Dupre says. “I’m so impressed to know that, with the push of a button, she can get help. She doesn’t need to yell into it and it doesn’t get set off accidentally.”

Franciscan Lifeline added HomeSafe to its product line because of the increasing number of people without traditional home phone lines.

“HomeSafe Wireless allows us to provide the value of Lifeline service to those customers who no longer have a landline,” says Beverly Lawton, executive director of Franciscan Lifeline. “We’re pleased to have a solution that allows us to extend our safety and security to all individuals, regardless of what they use for telephone service. With HomeSafe Wireless, we’re even able to offer our AutoAlert which provides proven fall detection and automatic response.”

It’s common for adult children to purchase a medical alert system for their parents. Dupre says the sense of security is worth it.

“If I’m not here, someone is at least aware of my mom,” she says. “My goal is to keep my mother in that apartment for the rest of her life. I don’t want to move her to a nursing home. HomeSafe will help allow me to do that.”

Subscribers can choose from a variety of help buttons based on their needs. Call Franciscan Lifeline at (315) 492-8175 for information.